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MediaMonkey & Launchy (Update)

Well some time has passed since the last update of this topic. I’ve been really busy lately and had little to no spare time to develop and continue with this little project.

Yesterday I installed the new version of MediaMonkey and start testing it again, I’m an iTunes fan because of it’s podcast management and it’s really easy to use interface but i’ve been looking for something different that can handle my iPod and my SmartPhone (Omnia i900L with WM 6.5.1 聽6.5.3) and i think i just found it 馃榾

The issue was that I got so accustomed on using iTuny and Launchy that the transition from my keyboard to my mouse was not a thing i wanted to… so that’s why I took over my almost dead dream… to port iTunys functionality to MediaMonkey 馃槢

I started with babysteps (Play, Pause, Stop , Next, Previous) and now I added Rating, Notifications, Track Information, and Twitter “integration” allowing you to post your current playing song to twitter in the way you want it 馃榾

On iTuny you could post to twitter but with an standard format: Listening: TrackName – TrackArtist (TrackAlbum) but now you can use the format you want using special tags xD and add the text you want.

MMonkey Config Window

MMonkey Config Window

Here you can see the new Twitter String box this field lets you construct your post to twitter just remember (not more than 140 Characters including the track info)

I hope to get the first beta out really soon (maybe this week)

See ya soon 馃榾
Comments are welcome 馃榾

UPDATE: Hi everyone! I’ve been working on MMonkey to make it better 馃檪 right now i added some functionality to it like the useful TAG command letting you edit artist, album, tracknumber, grouping, genre, played counter, etc. I added the AutoDJ function so you can turn it on or off, and some other stuff making this a better app.

If you are willing to beta test it comment pls and I will let you know where to download the beta to try it. Thanks and Greetings.

Changing some iTuny hosting locations

movingHi! just wanted to let you know that I’m changing my hosting place for iTuny so please for the latest iTuny build refer to the flash box from your right.

Or go to this post:

This has the most recent and functional links to iTuny. Thanks for all the comments and support, I’m busy lately so all the changes are still on the works. 馃檪

I hope to get iTuny 1.0 soon 馃榾

Firefox 3 and Launchy integration hack

Well I wanted to integrate launchy with firefox 3 bookmarks for quite some time and never got the time to find a workarround ’till today.

Thanks to my beloved Lifehacker Magazine聽I was able to do it with this article.

On the short it says:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. type about:config on the location bar and press enter
  3. then type聽browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML and from FALSE passit to TRUE with a double click.
  4. Restart Firefox
  5. Rebuild your index
  6. You’re ready to go!聽

This will allow launchy to index your firefox bookmarks, the only problem with this workarround is that it will index the new bookmarks after you close firefox. This is because firefox dumps your bookmarks to the bookmarks.html file when it is closed.

Hope this helps

iTunes 8 y iTuny v0.5

Bueno hace poco se lanzo iTunes 8 y hasta el momento iTuny v0.5 esta funcionando bien. Necesito probarlo completamente, pero al menos las funciones que mas uso… Rate, next, prev, play, pause, show, jump estan funcionando muy bien.

Necesito testear completamente el programa. Si alguno encuentra algun problema porfavor posteelo en los comentarios o envienlo a mi mal.


iTuny version 0.5 Released

Well it鈥檚 about time to release this new version, this app comes with a lot of improvements, better coding (I hope) and support for other services.

The change log is in the rar file, but in short:

  • Twitter support
  • Pownce support
  • Snarl support (needs snarl installed on your machine)
  • new commands (config, party, twitter, pownce)
  • new configuration window
  • proxy support (if you are behind a firewall on your house or office and want to use the twitter or pownce feature)
  • popup and snarl time control

So here are some screenshots:





iTuny comes with alot of improvements for you to enjoy. Please let me know if you want another feature or find any bug.

Hope you like this 馃檪

0.5: Dropbox / Badongo

For some history here are the older versions:
0.4.5: Dropbox / Badongo
0.4: Dropbox / Badongo
0.3: Dropbox / Badongo
0.2: Dropbox / Badongo
0.1: Dropbox / Badongo

New Folder v0.1


Well this is an utility that I made yesterday when here at lifehacker I was introduced to an app that let’s you create folders with a hotkey combination. I tried the app but I was out of luck because it only runs on 2k/XP/2k3 the problem is because I run Vista so no easy creation of folders to me.

After reading the comments thread I decided to do some fast app to allow me to do that and that this app runs in all windows versions.

I went for the task with AutoIt v3.


What does this app does, it simply expects you to call the Hotkeys and then launches a dialog box asking for the new folders name, after that it looks where are you, if you are on an explorer window it gets the address of that window and then it uses that address to create the folder there. If no address is found it creates the folder on your Desktop.


Bueno esta es un utilitario que hice ayer luego de ser introducido aqui por lifehacker a una aplicaci贸n que te permite crear folders con una simple combinaci贸n de teclas. Descarge el programa lo corri solo para darme cuenta que no corria mas que en XP/2K y 2003 y pues como mi laptop es Vista, no corrio.

Luego de leer los comentarios me decid铆 a hacer una version que corriera en todas las versiones de Windows asi que decid铆 hacerlo en AutoIt v3.

La aplicaci贸n esta ac谩 para DESCARGAR

Lo que hace esta applicaci贸n es que espera a que se presione la combinaci贸n de teclas para lanzar un cuadro de dialogo que pregunta por el nombre del nuevo folder que se desea crear. Luego ve en donde est谩s, si estas en una ventana de Explorador de Windows o no, si estas en una ventana busca la direcci贸n actual de la ventana para crear ah铆 la nueva carpeta, si no estas en una ventana de Explorador de Windows simplemente crea la carpeta en tu Escritorio.


System Tray Icon

System Tray Menu

Preferences Dialog Box

New Folder Dialog

Dia de descargar Firefox 3.0

Bueno, como en muchos diarios tecnol贸gicos han contado, hoy es el dia de descargar firefox 3.0. La nueva version de este tan afamado navegador viene con grandes mejoras en velocidad, seguridad y ayuda al usuario en descargas, instalaci贸n de extensiones y mas.

El dia de hoy (17 de junio) Mozilla quiere imponer un record guinness al ser el software con mayor numero de descargas en su primer dia de lanzamiento.

Quieres probarlo?? descargalo, quieres ayudar?? descargalo.

la direcci贸n:

Pruebalo, no te arrepentiras. Yo lo uso desde la version 1.0 y te aseguro que la 3.0 es una mejora increible desde la version 2.5, vale la pena la actualizaci贸n.

Installing Plugins on Launchy

Well, for those of you that don’t know how to do it, here is a little tutorial on how to install those dll’s on launchy 2.0.

First of all you have to download the plugin from it’s site or from the sourceforge site, let’s take the Google Calendar Plugin for launchy 2.0 (download)

After the download is complete, you have to unzip the files contained it’s time to install.

Move the files to your {launchy installation folder}plugins folder, in my case C:Program FilesLaunchyplugins

After moving the files call launchy and go to the Options dialog under the Plugins Tab you’ll see the newly installed plugin.

Now just enjoy.

Update on iTuny v0.5

Well i’ve been working on the next release of iTuny, the version 0.5, and this post is to keep you all informed.

What I’ve added and want to add.

  • Configuration window
  • About section
  • Better help on some error messages
  • Configurable Window and tooltip delay time
  • iTuny INI file where all the configurations are kept
  • Display a visual aid on the rate tooltip to see what rate has been set
  • iTuny Query now searches on all the library this means podcasts, audiobooks, etc…
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song
  • 3 new commands iTunes Config, iTunes Twitter, iTunes Pownce


Main config Window:

Network Preferences Window:

About Window:
About tab of the config window


  • Auto create playlist with a keyword example: iTunes Wiz | “Mars” will create a playlist named “Mars Playlist” with all the things on your library that have the Mars word on them
  • Party Shuffle function
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song


  • Query function not working
  • Shuffle function giving an error

Well that’s all by now, I hope to hear your comments about this and if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to put them here too.

PD: this is a beta release of the 0.5 version for you to try and comment
download beta 2 (may 13)
download beta 1 (may 10)