Dropbox and Syncplicity

small_logo After signing in dropbox to be a beta tester, today i received my invitation to join the testing of it’s services. I was really excited because of the video presentation they give on their site and how they promise the service will work.

The system is very straight forward and after downloading the dropbox client and installing it I’m presented with the linking process between dropbox and my computer. After doing this I got to the web interface, a very clean and simple interface that allows me to see my files, mi pictures, my shared folders and upload from there too.

Then my explorer got me into my documents directory in which now I have a new folder “My Dropbox” this folder is where I put stuff I want to be synced.

To test it I used my very own iTuny rar files and au3 source code, the source on the private side of my dropbox and the rar files on the public sub-folder of my dropbox.

After watching the uploading process that starts when you drop the files on the folders and a status icon appears on each file, I got my files synced. The rars have a public link:

Download: iTuny 0.4.5
Download: iTuny 0.4
Download: iTuny 0.3
Download: iTuny 0.2
Download: iTuny 0.1

The other files (source code) is on the private side so no public link and possibility for externals to download it.

The service is very simple and just works, and that’s fantastic for me.

I’ve just tested syncplicity and the only drawback i have with them is that the client doesn’t go through my company’s proxy but they are working on it as I speak. This is not a problem with dropbox. (Removed for inaccurate, see down the syncplicity review)

Right now they are working on Shared Folders this allows collaboration with others on a folder that have important files that need to be all the time actual.

A great service worth the try. 🙂 The only thing I miss about syncplicity is that the allow me to sync any folder on my system, but I can live without that.

That means it’s dropbox to me.


syncplicity_logo This is another great service for syncing your files to the web and allows you to keep them safe from computer failures.

Right now they are in beta phase as dropbox but they are not closed to beta testers.

The web interface is really neat and clean, you need flash installed as they use flex to build the file manager.

You can watch the video presentation here: Syncplicity Video

The whole experience is straight forward, you login (after being selected as a beta tester) and download the client. This client has more options and visual aids. It shows you the percentage of synchronization and how much is left with a progress bar, the desktop interface let’s you select which folders you want syncplicity to keep an eye on, this makes the proccess much more simple and pleasant.

After setting the folders I wanted, the sync progress started and depending on the amount of data you have on those directories and your Internet speed the sync finishes in minutes or hours.summary_win_100_percent

You can manage deleted files in the web interface having a “restoring” option that not just returns the file to your web filemanager but to your desktop.

It also offers synchronization on your Google docs (documents and soon spread sheets) and Facebook.

The client has some drawbacks as the dropbox one, right now the client doesn’t support proxies so this means no office use in my case.

After posting the dropbox post I received communication from Ondrej Hrebicek Vice President of Product and Platform of Syncplicity and the pleasant surprise was that they are working on the proxies issue, and hope to have a firm solution to it soon.

Both services are great in it’s way, and by now both are free while in beta. dropbox is offering 2GB of storage and Syncplicity has for the beta unlimited storage.



  1. georch

    No sé en que idioma escribir, así es que lo hago en ingles y español ;).

    Felicitaciones! Los códigos de invitación son difíciles de encontrar, los he buscado desde que escuché de este servicio.

    Pienso que va a ser un gran éxito porque el servicio es muy simple y funciona. Un gran plus para mi es el soporte PC/MAC.

    Cuales son tus primeras impresiones? Se siente como un beta? O ya es robusto?

    Si tuvieras invitaciones, serías tan amable de compartir una?


    Hi! Congratulations! The invitation codes are hard to find, I’m looking for since I hear about this service.

    I think it’s going to be a huge success because the service is very simple and just works. A big plus for me is the PC/MAC support.

    What are your first impression? it feels like a beta? or are robust already?

    If you got invitations, are you so kind to share one??

    Una vez más felicidades! 😀

  2. f0vela

    Hi georch!, well yeah both services feel really robust. Actually both have some glitches that have to be ironed before they launch the final software.

    Dropbox and Syncplicity are really great and both supports or plan to support both platforms, even better the Dropbox linux client is on the table.

    The plus for syncplicity is that they allow us to select which directories you want to be synchronized.

    We have to wait to see the final prices if both want to charge for the services.

    I’m supposed to have 10 invitations to dropbox, but they are for shared folders only. This will let you download the client but after that i’m not actually sure what you’re able to do.

    I could create a shared folder for you to try it.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Saludos georch! gracias por comentar. En realidad ambos servicios se sienten bastante robustos. Ambos necesitan planchar algunos bugs antes de lanzar el software final.

    Ambos son excelentes productos y bien pensados y ambos soportan o planean soportar las 2 plataformas y no solo eso tambien esta en la mesa una futura version para linux (dropbox) lo que permitirá que los usuarios linux tambien dispongan de estos excelentes servicios.

    Lo que me atrae de syncplicity es el hecho de poder seleccionar que carpetas o directorios deseas mantener sincronizados.

    Aún se tiene que ver los precios finales si es que ambos planean cobrar por el servicio.

    Supuestamente tengo 10 invitaciones, pero son solo para folders compartidos. Puedo invitarte a un folder que puedo crear y asi puedas bajar el cliente de dropbox, pero lo que se pueda hacer mas allá de eso me intriga ya que no tengo idea que tan abierto sea para el invitado.

  3. dental

    Thanks for the article, very useful and I want to try it badly.

    would you mind to share invitation to my email address, please?

    thanks in advance.

  4. lotilor

    good article, i’ve tried both. i’m still stick to dropbox. i think syncplicity need improvement for their web interface. they dont have gallery for view pictures, cannot view pdf files directly on mac, a little bit slow than dropbox to sync.

  5. voricks

    I like Syncplicity because you can sync all folders that you like. Plus, you can edit documents and images via online browser. That’s cool!!!

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