Fixing iTunes installing/updating problem

Well as previously mentioned on a post here on my blog I had issues with iTunes after a “successful upgrade” to the latest version of iTunes and this is the second time it happens.

To my pleasure I had the answer to this dilema after hours of searching, guessing, tracking and building my own solution. Now I’m gonna release it so everyone that have this problem can fix it.

First the video:


The links:

Let me know if the links are broken.
(Links fixed they had a problem)

The command prompt need to run as Administrator, I called it from the Vista search box typing cmd and then pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

A little more:

This issue comes because the installer cannot access some registry keys because for some reason it does not have rights to access them.

Every time you start iTunes it tells you that windows is configuring the installation, you wait for it to end and then iTunes appears, but every program that uses the COM interface to communicate with iTunes fails. Then you exit the player and then again after you start iTunes windows tries to configure the installation…

This issue is addressed on the apple forum but no full answer is given, just some clues on what you could do. (from this forum is where I got the clues thanks to incognito3 for the hint and this post is the one with the original reset file)

the reset2.cmd is a recompilation of registry keys I found that needed the same permission fix.

So the cmd files changes the Quicktime and iTunes keys to give access to the installer user.

Run the iTunes installer as administrator doesn’t work.


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