iTuny 0.4 on the works

Well long time since the last news of iTuny, so here we are with some minor changes and some fixes to the installer.

First the new additions:

  • Albumart display ( iTunes album )
  • Track Info with Albumart (iTunes info)



The installer got some issues with the place it put the links in some machines (kindda weird) but not it’s fixed. I Hope to got this version out before Christmas. 😀

As i said before, this is on the works and the shots are just previews.
Your comments are welcomed.

By the way a big Thanks to Gina Trapani and Daniel (sorry i don’t know your last name) for the featured download in , this was a great and beautiful surprise and i just noticed it on my GReader (’cause i’m a lifehacker fan myself) 😀 here’s the link to the article in lifehacker. 😀


Article on Lifehacker

Have a nice day and i hope you could get your hands on 0.4 before christmas 😀

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  1. Rob

    Hi, I have been a longtime launchy user and just got iTuny. I love it so far but am making two feature requests. I use the grouping field to tag my itunes songs and it would be amazing if the query command could also create a temporary playlist with automatic playlist functions such as “grouping contains techno, upbeat”. Second of all, if there could be a way to edit the info of a song. For instance, if I have a bunch of Track 01’s and I’m playing them in the background to figure them out, pull up launchy and run “itunes Tag> Name Robot Rock” or something like this. This would be extremely useful for tagging songs. Also, is there a way to change what shows up for the iTunes Track command?

  2. f0vela

    Thanks for the comment Rob, i’ll take your suggestions in count. What you asked is a little hard to get, but i’ll try my best and keep everyone informed of the development.

    Thanks for using iTuny!
    Havea great Day. 😀

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