iTuny 0.5 on the works

Well this time 0.5 will have some bug fixes and some tuning on the already there features. I hope to have a beta some day of the next week if and only if I can get my iTunes installation running again….

By some reason when I tried to Upgrade from to the Apple software Updater screw the install with the whole iTunes COM interface, and now every time I try to run iTuny the system gives me an error.

I hope this can be fixed.

Will keep you informed, and if you have some issues with 0.4 check the 0.4 post on the comments, there are some answers about some common issues with using iTuny.

Have a great week.
God Bless!


  1. leokid

    hye there. i’m a beginner user of Launchy, currently interested in ur iTuny. great job, man!

    i might be overlooked it, but i would appreciate if you could show me where i can find the guide/how-to-use iTuny. For example, the jump function. how can i really use it? and also other functions. thanx, much appreciated.

  2. f0vela

    Hi! I hope you to enjoy Launchy and the iTuny companion. 🙂

    To use it you just call launchy with your hotkey combination of choice and then simply type:

    iTunes Play and hit Enter

    This will start iTunes (if it’s closed) and start playing the first song of your library.

    iTuny comes with a readme file that explains a little better this.

    For more information you can go to this post:

    The comments have some answers too.

    I’ll soon post a video on how to use iTuny with launchy.


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