Launchy and iTunes together


If you are here and want the latest version of iTuny, go and check this link where all the post related to iTuny are: Latest of iTuny

Hope you like iTuny.

Well, long time no see…

I’m bringing you today a script that I wrote to control iTunes from Launchy.
What is Launchy?? Launchy is an App launcher, but not just another app launcher, is a lightweight, fast, multifunctional app launcher, it can launch applications, open files, launch mp3’s, search the web, create gcal entries, create todoist entries, and much more.

With this first release of the script, you can do this:

  • Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Prev a song
  • Rate a song
  • See the Track info without leaving what are you doing
  • Change the Volume level on iTunes
  • Toggle the MiniPlayer
  • Toggle the Visualization window
  • Toggle the EQ Window
  • Quite iTunes
  • Search your Library

These are some usefull things that make my life with iTunes much more easy to handle.
Hope you like it.

Download here

for a most reacent version go here


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  8. MK

    Have you considered making the “query” command also start playing? That way you could type “itunes query (tab) song name” to start playing that song quickly

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