MediaMonkey & Launchy

Well long time no see… I’ve been really busy on my office with a lot of work thanks to God and our selling team  🙂

iTuny has been well recived and that made me really happy, even not looking for that. Thanks to Lifehacker for both Download of the day articles they published and all the people that downloaded the application. 🙂

Now after seeking some replace for iTunes I found MediaMonkey, I have to say this is a really great media player but it lacked of something… something that lets me control it via Launchy. 🙁 I know, i know… I became an addict of the keyboar launchers and I hated when I, in the middle of working on something, wanted to go to the next song and call launchy just to remember that I can’t do that because there is nothing like iTuny… 🙁 and I loose precious minutes to change a song.

So I decided to create MMonkey (got to find a better name) this little application will control MediaMonkey from the confort of your keyboard through launchy 😀 yay!

By now this alpha that I’m using just has the basic functions, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume and Rate.

If you want to try this (I repeat is alpha) comment asking for it. BTW, I will release a beta version soon a couple of weeks I hope.

See ya soon.


  1. Lisita=)

    fris….sera q me lo podes traducir ??? =( jajajajajaja, DTB te cuidas un monton, abrazos amigo

  2. f0vela

    There is a bit of a problem with songbird that is known by them and is the lack of command line interface, or a COM interface or any kind of interface to interact with from external apps.

    I really want to do this same thing for songbird but that’s the only thing is stopping me to do it. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment

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