Changing some iTuny hosting locations

movingHi! just wanted to let you know that I’m changing my hosting place for iTuny so please for the latest iTuny build refer to the flash box from your right.

Or go to this post:

This has the most recent and functional links to iTuny. Thanks for all the comments and support, I’m busy lately so all the changes are still on the works. 🙂

I hope to get iTuny 1.0 soon 😀

iTunes 8 y iTuny v0.5

Bueno hace poco se lanzo iTunes 8 y hasta el momento iTuny v0.5 esta funcionando bien. Necesito probarlo completamente, pero al menos las funciones que mas uso… Rate, next, prev, play, pause, show, jump estan funcionando muy bien.

Necesito testear completamente el programa. Si alguno encuentra algun problema porfavor posteelo en los comentarios o envienlo a mi mal.


iTuny version 0.5 Released

Well it’s about time to release this new version, this app comes with a lot of improvements, better coding (I hope) and support for other services.

The change log is in the rar file, but in short:

  • Twitter support
  • Pownce support
  • Snarl support (needs snarl installed on your machine)
  • new commands (config, party, twitter, pownce)
  • new configuration window
  • proxy support (if you are behind a firewall on your house or office and want to use the twitter or pownce feature)
  • popup and snarl time control

So here are some screenshots:





iTuny comes with alot of improvements for you to enjoy. Please let me know if you want another feature or find any bug.

Hope you like this 🙂

0.5: Dropbox / Badongo

For some history here are the older versions:
0.4.5: Dropbox / Badongo
0.4: Dropbox / Badongo
0.3: Dropbox / Badongo
0.2: Dropbox / Badongo
0.1: Dropbox / Badongo

Update on iTuny V0.5

My goal now is to launch the new version on August 2nd that’s the ETA.

This new version has many improvements like code optimizations, and some new features for the end users like:

  • Twitter and Pownce support
  • A configuration window
  • Proxy support for Twittering and Powncing
  • Control over the tooltips and artwindows visible time
  • Snarl Support for displaying messages (for this you need snarl on your system and Snarl_CMD)
iTuny using Snarl

iTuny using Snarl

Those are the main things that changed. I’ll post a complete changelog when released.
Hope you like this new release.


Fixing iTunes installing/updating problem

Well as previously mentioned on a post here on my blog I had issues with iTunes after a “successful upgrade” to the latest version of iTunes and this is the second time it happens.

To my pleasure I had the answer to this dilema after hours of searching, guessing, tracking and building my own solution. Now I’m gonna release it so everyone that have this problem can fix it.

First the video:


The links:

Let me know if the links are broken.
(Links fixed they had a problem)

The command prompt need to run as Administrator, I called it from the Vista search box typing cmd and then pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

A little more:

This issue comes because the installer cannot access some registry keys because for some reason it does not have rights to access them.

Every time you start iTunes it tells you that windows is configuring the installation, you wait for it to end and then iTunes appears, but every program that uses the COM interface to communicate with iTunes fails. Then you exit the player and then again after you start iTunes windows tries to configure the installation…

This issue is addressed on the apple forum but no full answer is given, just some clues on what you could do. (from this forum is where I got the clues thanks to incognito3 for the hint and this post is the one with the original reset file)

the reset2.cmd is a recompilation of registry keys I found that needed the same permission fix.

So the cmd files changes the Quicktime and iTunes keys to give access to the installer user.

Run the iTunes installer as administrator doesn’t work.

Update on iTuny v0.5

Well i’ve been working on the next release of iTuny, the version 0.5, and this post is to keep you all informed.

What I’ve added and want to add.

  • Configuration window
  • About section
  • Better help on some error messages
  • Configurable Window and tooltip delay time
  • iTuny INI file where all the configurations are kept
  • Display a visual aid on the rate tooltip to see what rate has been set
  • iTuny Query now searches on all the library this means podcasts, audiobooks, etc…
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song
  • 3 new commands iTunes Config, iTunes Twitter, iTunes Pownce


Main config Window:

Network Preferences Window:

About Window:
About tab of the config window


  • Auto create playlist with a keyword example: iTunes Wiz | “Mars” will create a playlist named “Mars Playlist” with all the things on your library that have the Mars word on them
  • Party Shuffle function
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song


  • Query function not working
  • Shuffle function giving an error

Well that’s all by now, I hope to hear your comments about this and if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to put them here too.

PD: this is a beta release of the 0.5 version for you to try and comment
download beta 2 (may 13)
download beta 1 (may 10)


Dropbox and Syncplicity

small_logo After signing in dropbox to be a beta tester, today i received my invitation to join the testing of it’s services. I was really excited because of the video presentation they give on their site and how they promise the service will work.

The system is very straight forward and after downloading the dropbox client and installing it I’m presented with the linking process between dropbox and my computer. After doing this I got to the web interface, a very clean and simple interface that allows me to see my files, mi pictures, my shared folders and upload from there too.

Then my explorer got me into my documents directory in which now I have a new folder “My Dropbox” this folder is where I put stuff I want to be synced.

To test it I used my very own iTuny rar files and au3 source code, the source on the private side of my dropbox and the rar files on the public sub-folder of my dropbox.

After watching the uploading process that starts when you drop the files on the folders and a status icon appears on each file, I got my files synced. The rars have a public link:

Download: iTuny 0.4.5
Download: iTuny 0.4
Download: iTuny 0.3
Download: iTuny 0.2
Download: iTuny 0.1

The other files (source code) is on the private side so no public link and possibility for externals to download it.

The service is very simple and just works, and that’s fantastic for me.

I’ve just tested syncplicity and the only drawback i have with them is that the client doesn’t go through my company’s proxy but they are working on it as I speak. This is not a problem with dropbox. (Removed for inaccurate, see down the syncplicity review)

Right now they are working on Shared Folders this allows collaboration with others on a folder that have important files that need to be all the time actual.

A great service worth the try. 🙂 The only thing I miss about syncplicity is that the allow me to sync any folder on my system, but I can live without that.

That means it’s dropbox to me.


syncplicity_logo This is another great service for syncing your files to the web and allows you to keep them safe from computer failures.

Right now they are in beta phase as dropbox but they are not closed to beta testers.

The web interface is really neat and clean, you need flash installed as they use flex to build the file manager.

You can watch the video presentation here: Syncplicity Video

The whole experience is straight forward, you login (after being selected as a beta tester) and download the client. This client has more options and visual aids. It shows you the percentage of synchronization and how much is left with a progress bar, the desktop interface let’s you select which folders you want syncplicity to keep an eye on, this makes the proccess much more simple and pleasant.

After setting the folders I wanted, the sync progress started and depending on the amount of data you have on those directories and your Internet speed the sync finishes in minutes or hours.summary_win_100_percent

You can manage deleted files in the web interface having a “restoring” option that not just returns the file to your web filemanager but to your desktop.

It also offers synchronization on your Google docs (documents and soon spread sheets) and Facebook.

The client has some drawbacks as the dropbox one, right now the client doesn’t support proxies so this means no office use in my case.

After posting the dropbox post I received communication from Ondrej Hrebicek Vice President of Product and Platform of Syncplicity and the pleasant surprise was that they are working on the proxies issue, and hope to have a firm solution to it soon.

Both services are great in it’s way, and by now both are free while in beta. dropbox is offering 2GB of storage and Syncplicity has for the beta unlimited storage.


Aleluya iTunes Works again!

Well, i had some serious issues with my iTunes installation, the Apple Update Software screw the iTunes-Quicktime install and I couldn’t use my own iTuny @_@ that was really annoying I got to use winamp in the mean time.

I finally fixed the iTunes thing, followed this 2 posts, and mixed them a little (recently installed Windows Live Mail and have the same issue described there)

Link 1
Link 2

I had an issue with QuickTime and the ActiveX control, Lucky me there is a post (number 6 to be exact) about this:
Link 3

If you ever have this problems check those post, can save you a lot of wasted time… a little to late for me, but could be Just In Time for you 😀

God Bless!

iTuny 0.5 on the works

Well this time 0.5 will have some bug fixes and some tuning on the already there features. I hope to have a beta some day of the next week if and only if I can get my iTunes installation running again….

By some reason when I tried to Upgrade from to the Apple software Updater screw the install with the whole iTunes COM interface, and now every time I try to run iTuny the system gives me an error.

I hope this can be fixed.

Will keep you informed, and if you have some issues with 0.4 check the 0.4 post on the comments, there are some answers about some common issues with using iTuny.

Have a great week.
God Bless!

iTuny v0.4 released

Well my word was in danger if I didn’t release this before the new year arrives 😀 so here it is, Version 0.4 of iTuny the Launchy companion to control your iTunes from the confort of your keyboard.

So what’s new on this version… well 5 new features and some bug fixes from the previous version 0.3 so let’s get this straight.

New Features:

  • PrevAlbum and NextAlbum (this code is from jarethbone so the credit goes to him, i just added a message to tell you the info)
  • Artwork on the Track info window, this is something i’m just testing so please let me know if you like it this way or the other way. I changed the tooltip version of the Track info to a window that auto disappears after an amount of time. This window contains the same info as the tooltip version + the artwork. so to call this just do the same as before iTunes Track. The tooltip version is still there but now to call it you have to type iTunes info and the tooltip version will appear.
  • Art, this is a window with just the artwork. That’s all. It disappears after an amount of time.

And finally but not less the feature that I love (I hope you will), the TAG feature (as suggested by Rob here at my blog).

The Tag feature let’s you do that. Tag the current playing song. By now it lets you tag the next fields:

  • Name
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Composer
  • DiscNumber
  • Genre (Rock, HardRock, Pop, etc…)
  • Grouping
  • PlayedCount
  • Track (this is the Track number)
  • Year (4 digit)
  • VolumeAdjustment (from -100 to 100)

To use it just type:

  • iTunes Tag > name “multispace name”
  • iTunes Tag > name singlespacename


After sometime typing it you could use itag or tag and launchy will recognize this as your preferred action for that word.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Problem with Main Music playlist (Musik) in German . Reported by Lakriz
  • Problems with the installer, in some cases it wouldn’t create the links correctly.

The RAR (556k) contains:

  • iTunes Control.exe
  • iTunes.ico
  • iTunes Control.au3 (source code)
  • NA.jpg (the no artwork image)

To install it just double click the iTunes Control.exe and the installer will popout.

By some reason Avast Antivirus is giving me false positives on all autoit scripts, so don’t be fooled this script is safe, contains NO virus, trojan or any other malware. The source code is on the package for you to see.

Hope you like the changes, and comments are always welcomed.
Update: 0.4.5

This fix an issue with the Query function that in some iTunes installations returns nothing every time.
Thanks Sebastián.

Download: 0.4
Previous versions: 0.1(vbscript), 0.2(vbscript), 0.3(autoit exe)
Sourceforge Thread
Launchy Website

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