MediaMonkey & Launchy (Update)

Well some time has passed since the last update of this topic. I’ve been really busy lately and had little to no spare time to develop and continue with this little project.

Yesterday I installed the new version of MediaMonkey and start testing it again, I’m an iTunes fan because of it’s podcast management and it’s really easy to use interface but i’ve been looking for something different that can handle my iPod and my SmartPhone (Omnia i900L with WM 6.5.1  6.5.3) and i think i just found it 😀

The issue was that I got so accustomed on using iTuny and Launchy that the transition from my keyboard to my mouse was not a thing i wanted to… so that’s why I took over my almost dead dream… to port iTunys functionality to MediaMonkey 😛

I started with babysteps (Play, Pause, Stop , Next, Previous) and now I added Rating, Notifications, Track Information, and Twitter “integration” allowing you to post your current playing song to twitter in the way you want it 😀

On iTuny you could post to twitter but with an standard format: Listening: TrackName – TrackArtist (TrackAlbum) but now you can use the format you want using special tags xD and add the text you want.

MMonkey Config Window

MMonkey Config Window

Here you can see the new Twitter String box this field lets you construct your post to twitter just remember (not more than 140 Characters including the track info)

I hope to get the first beta out really soon (maybe this week)

See ya soon 😀
Comments are welcome 😀

UPDATE: Hi everyone! I’ve been working on MMonkey to make it better 🙂 right now i added some functionality to it like the useful TAG command letting you edit artist, album, tracknumber, grouping, genre, played counter, etc. I added the AutoDJ function so you can turn it on or off, and some other stuff making this a better app.

If you are willing to beta test it comment pls and I will let you know where to download the beta to try it. Thanks and Greetings.

MediaMonkey & Launchy

Well long time no see… I’ve been really busy on my office with a lot of work thanks to God and our selling team  🙂

iTuny has been well recived and that made me really happy, even not looking for that. Thanks to Lifehacker for both Download of the day articles they published and all the people that downloaded the application. 🙂

Now after seeking some replace for iTunes I found MediaMonkey, I have to say this is a really great media player but it lacked of something… something that lets me control it via Launchy. 🙁 I know, i know… I became an addict of the keyboar launchers and I hated when I, in the middle of working on something, wanted to go to the next song and call launchy just to remember that I can’t do that because there is nothing like iTuny… 🙁 and I loose precious minutes to change a song.

So I decided to create MMonkey (got to find a better name) this little application will control MediaMonkey from the confort of your keyboard through launchy 😀 yay!

By now this alpha that I’m using just has the basic functions, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume and Rate.

If you want to try this (I repeat is alpha) comment asking for it. BTW, I will release a beta version soon a couple of weeks I hope.

See ya soon.