Nitrogen Skin: MonsterBlack [WQVGA]

Well Long time since my last post on my blog…. and just to update that I bought a Samsung Onmia i900L a great device 😀 I love it and love the big amount of apps that you can found and use.

One of them is Nitrogen, this great music player is a great Pocket Windows Media Player replacement that plays OGG/MP3 files, can create playlists on the run, and has an “easy to skin” interface, plus the huge amount of other features that can be found on the XDA developers forum.

So as i love this player I decided (as I almost always do) to customize it with some skins, well there are plenty of skins, not a huge selection but some quality ones.

After searching I couldn’t find any that fits my needs I made one :D.

This is my first Nitrogen Skin:

Portrait Mode

Download Portrait skin

Landscape mode

Download Landscape Skin

This skin is for Nitrogen 0.3+
Comments and Suggestions are well recived 🙂

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