New Syncplicity Beta

Various emails latter of talking about what happens with the Syncplicity client behind a proxy with required authentication, some clues on how to solve the problem the new beta comes with everything to handle the proxy servers.

This new release with version number 2.0.3046.39828 have a new proxy interface located under the “Configure Syncplicity” option.


After you press the “Proxy Settings” button you are presented with a configuration panel for your proxy settings.

By default Syncplicity uses the IE proxy settings, so if you want to change the Server Address or the port you got to do it on the Internet Options Panel.

But not to fear, Syncplicity has an option to open the panel from it’s interface (a pretty neat idea if you ask me)


If you need authentication just put your username and password, Syncplicity will try to authenticate with the credentials of the logged user and if fail will try to use the provided ones by you to connect.

In my case (ISA server, Authentication required, behind firewall) worked like a charm.

Synchronization worked really well with no problems.

If you have problems with a proxy server this is your chance to test Syncplicity with this fix.