The best Windows Mobile twitter clients

There is alot of twitter clients to select from on the Windows Mobile espectrum, some of them are basic (just post) some of them are medium (check tweets and post) and some of them are advance (post, check, pics, etc…)

In this first part i’ll review one of the most advanced and well designed ones Twikini (on twitter)

Twikini (even with this weird name) is a well thought and wel designed piece of software for the Windows mobile 5/6/6.5 platform. (It is now on the 1.1 version released just today)

The sad part is that is not free, but hey! if you want something great you have to pay for it.

This is a review from the 1.0 version

One of the first things I noticed was the really fast app start time. It opened the login screen inmediately asking me for my credentials.

Loading the screen

Loading the screen

Login screen

Login screen

After a succesfull login (the second time I installed it after a hard reset because the first time it didn’t allow me to login after putting my credentials) you are presented with the main Friends Timeline

Friends Timeline

Friends Timeline

From there you can retweet/reply a tweet or tweet yourself 😀 the easy way to doit is using your arrows (in my case the sensitive pad of my omnia) if you push or slide the pad to the right you’ll retweet the selected Tweet, if you push or slide the pad to the left you’ll reply to the selected Tweet.

If you click the Tweet, Twikini will open the details of that tweet:

Tweet Detail Screen

Tweet Detail Screen

from here you can retweet, send this tweet by EMAIL or SMS (two things that are unique to this twitter client)


Send submenu

Send submenu

More Menu

User Submenu

This gives you control over many aspects of the tweet, and allow you to manage them really easy taking out all the noise from the other screens and timelines.

The tweet window is really clean just has the message box and a My location box that can be filled up with your actual GPS location:

Tweet Window

Tweet Window

The menu has many options as seen in the screenshot:

Tweet window menu

Tweet window menu

This makes you really easy to add pictures, short urls and add your GPS coordinates/location.

Other features are Multiple accounts (a must have), can be used with touch and non-touch devices, multiple WM version support.

Missed features are Search (another must have) and Groups (to me this has become a must have feature to order my friends tweets)

The whole experience is really really good except for one thing that bothers me enough to think in leaving it. What’s the problem? It can’t remember my password, even if i would like to, it doesn’t have the option.

I use secure passwords (numbers, Upper and lower case letters, and some special characters) and to type it every single time I want to read my tweets (as I always close the apps after I use them) is not practical at all.

This made me use the FingerKeyboard capabilities to fill the password box every time I enter the app, but it would be much more easy to have an option for the app that allow it to remember me.

But overall this is one of the best twitter clients for the Windows Mobile Platform.

Version History

Twikini Home Page

Changes for the version 1.1:

  • Bug fix: Twikini kept popping up to the top everytime it refreshed (this was causing some devices to lock up).
  • Bug fix: @replies were not being highlighted in the Friends timeline.
  • Bug fix: RT’s were being treated as replies (now they will be treated as brand new posts).
  • Improved: Your current position in the timeline will be remembered. So after refreshing, the same item is still highlighted.
  • Improved: The Exit menu item is back! (sorry for removing it)


  1. Michal Zimmermann

    i also tried Twikini on my Topaz with FingerKeyboard, but it was not able to “catch” long press key. Let’s say you want to write number “1”, so you press “q” key longer, but nothing happens. Does the same happen to you?

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