Update on iTuny V0.5

My goal now is to launch the new version on August 2nd that’s the ETA.

This new version has many improvements like code optimizations, and some new features for the end users like:

  • Twitter and Pownce support
  • A configuration window
  • Proxy support for Twittering and Powncing
  • Control over the tooltips and artwindows visible time
  • Snarl Support for displaying messages (for this you need snarl on your system and Snarl_CMD)
iTuny using Snarl

iTuny using Snarl

Those are the main things that changed. I’ll post a complete changelog when released.
Hope you like this new release.



  1. Sven Walther

    Looks great 🙂 I am happy to see it’s working already. Maybe you should think about putting Snarl_CMD.exe into your package. I did it in this way in some of my first MozillaSnarls versions to avoid people having to manually download it and put it somewhere where your extension can find it.

    Let me know when you release it and I will include on the Snarl homepage 🙂

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