Update on iTuny v0.5

Well i’ve been working on the next release of iTuny, the version 0.5, and this post is to keep you all informed.

What I’ve added and want to add.

  • Configuration window
  • About section
  • Better help on some error messages
  • Configurable Window and tooltip delay time
  • iTuny INI file where all the configurations are kept
  • Display a visual aid on the rate tooltip to see what rate has been set
  • iTuny Query now searches on all the library this means podcasts, audiobooks, etc…
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song
  • 3 new commands iTunes Config, iTunes Twitter, iTunes Pownce


Main config Window:

Network Preferences Window:

About Window:
About tab of the config window


  • Auto create playlist with a keyword example: iTunes Wiz | “Mars” will create a playlist named “Mars Playlist” with all the things on your library that have the Mars word on them
  • Party Shuffle function
  • Twitter and Pownce support to post your current song


  • Query function not working
  • Shuffle function giving an error

Well that’s all by now, I hope to hear your comments about this and if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to put them here too.

PD: this is a beta release of the 0.5 version for you to try and comment
download beta 2 (may 13)
download beta 1 (may 10)



  1. frogstomp19x

    it would be really cool to have a play artist function (i.e. I type into launchy “play artist: radiohead” and it starts playing radiohead songs. I’m guessing the only way this could be accomplished would be a macro where the search hotkey is pressed, the text string is entered, and then the play hotkey is pressed…

    Anyhoo, thanks for the good work! And if you haven’t tried it yet, ituny + windows speech recognition macros = sweet. You can verbally tell the computer to do anything you’re typing in launchy.

  2. f0vela

    Thanks for the comment frogstomp19x. Actually i haven’t test iTuny that way and sounds really cool 😀

    I’m working on something like what you’ve asked. I see if i can make the code work like you wanted 🙂

    iTuny is about to be RC and i hope to release a new full version over weekend.

  3. f0vela

    Hi Pedro, well that happened to me too. When I updated iTunes iTuny suddenly stopped working but was a problem with the iTunes installation.

    After I upgraded iTunes started to behave on a weird way. Everytime I starter iTunes it told me to wait until iTunes installation was configured. Then when trying to run an iTuny Command it gave me an error.

    I had to do this https://www.frisley.com/2008/04/29/aleluya-itunes-works-again/ in order to fix that install.

    Sadly the fix on the post is for QuickTime and Windows Live Mail, but the fix for iTunes goes on the same direction.

    Try to use the Windows Events Manager to cach which registry entry has the problem. (if this is the error)

    Hopes this helps.

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